Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

It's been a month since my husband returned to Iraq from his 2 week R&R. It's always harder to say good-bye the second time. For me, it's because I have to get into the routine of him being gone all over again. Thank goodness for school and quilting to keep my time occupied along with my part-time job at the local quilt shop.  And, there is only 13 more weeks till life returns to normal again.  But, who's counting?  LOL!

School is done for the semester and I only have one class left to graduate. I can't take this last class till Fall, so this summer I will work on updating my resume and prepare to re-enter the workforce after a two-year hiatus. But, more importantly, I WILL SEW. I have so many UFO's, like many other quilter's, that I will appreciate and take advantage of this time that I am blessed with. I think it's best to make a list and set a time goal for each project. So, here I go...

UFO List:
  1. Thrifty Stars - quilt and bind
    • Deadline: June 6th
  2. Mom's 2009 Christmas Quilt - put border on, re-piece back since I forgot to put borders on before measuring(silly me), then send off to the quilter to work their magic. 
    • Deadline: June 6th
  3. Log Cabin - put border on, piece back, and baste
    • Deadline: June 13th
  4. Log Cabin - quilt and bind
    • Deadline: June 20th
  5. Scrappy Bargello - put border on, piece back, and baste
    • Deadline: June 27th
  6. Scrappy Bargello - quilt and bind
    • Deadline: July 4th
That's a start.  These are all the quilt tops that I almost completed but just got busy on the next project and didn't finish.  So, it's time to finish!   What projects do you have that have sat in the closet or shelf for way too long?  I encourage you to take one project out and finish it and just imagine how great it will feel to complete it!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Maybe you can share all these finished projects at amylouwho's Sew and Tell sometime. See you soon!


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