Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashton

When I asked my nephew a few months ago what kind of quilt he wanted, he told me "one with Babs on it".  Babs was his first dog, a cute pug, that had past away a few weeks before.  So, what could an Aunt say but "okay!".  Along with including some pictures of Babs and Ashton(spanning from when Ashton was born till he was six), is some Mississippi State Pride.  He, along with is parents, are huge State fans!

I had hoped to have it made by Christmas, but my hands had a different plan. But, thankfully, last week I have had a good week and was able to sew, sew, sew!  And on Thursday night, it was done!  Just in time for his birthday party on Saturday, the 12th (today is his actual birthday).  His reaction was amazing which reminds you why you spend hours upon hours creating quilts for loved ones!

This will be something for him and his parents to treasure for a long time to come.  Happy Seventh Birthday Ashton!