Monday, April 5, 2010

Learning to depend on God for everything is new for me...

I have been struggling for years to find my path in this life. Noticed I said "my path".  That is my mistake.  I keep trying to make the decision without God's guidance.  We are not here on this earth to serve our own purpose, but we are here to serve God's purpose.   I have always considered myself a Christian, but have strayed from serving the life of a Christian.  This has left me empty and wandering for way to long.  How do I get back on track?  I am not sure, but I am so ready to start.

This blog has been created as an outlet for me to put my thoughts on paper, whether it's about finding my path in this magnificent place called Earth, talking about quilting (my passion), my life as an Army Wife (one of my purposes), or even talking about my dog Ace (my companion).  I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery and pray that you may discover something new about yourself along the way.

"I am blessed, grateful, and humbled by God's amazing grace and love for us. The love he gives has no conditions; therefore, the love we give should not either."  Darlene Staley


  1. Hi Darlene

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for becoming a follower. My spiritual birthday is on the 25th - 51 years since I became a Christian at the Billy Graham Crusade in Queensland. I can honestly say there is just nothing like being in the centre of God's will! Not a particularly easy road, but totally fulfilling. We have a great God!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Val! Very inspiring! And, thanks for creating a free BOM for us. You do beautiful work!


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